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New Balance 327 Review: A Modern Classic Reinvented

new balance 327

Welcome to our deep dive into the New Balance 327, a sneaker that seamlessly marries retro charm with contemporary flair. As a pivotal model in the sneaker world, the New Balance 327 has carved out a niche for itself, standing out for its unique design, unparalleled comfort, and broad appeal among sneaker enthusiasts and casual wearers alike. This review aims to explore every facet of the New Balance 327, from its design inspiration and aesthetic appeal to its wearability, performance, and the variety it offers to cater to a diverse audience.

At its core, the New Balance 327 represents a significant chapter in the evolution of sneaker culture, drawing from the rich heritage of New Balance's design philosophy while pushing the boundaries of modern footwear technology and style trends. Whether you're attracted to the sleek, vintage-inspired lines, the wide array of colorways like the striking New Balance 327 black, the elegant New Balance 327 moonbeam, or the serene New Balance 327 sea salt, there's no denying the model's versatility and its ability to complement a myriad of personal styles.

This review will cover key aspects of the New Balance 327, including its evolution from past models, the design and materials that contribute to its standout look and feel, its comfort and fit for everyday wear, and its performance capabilities. Additionally, we'll delve into the sneaker's vast range of options, from the New Balance 327 men and women's New Balance 327 to special editions and collaborations that highlight the model's cultural relevance and appeal.

Whether you're a long-time New Balance aficionado, a sneaker collector, or someone looking for the perfect blend of style and comfort in footwear, this review promises to provide you with a comprehensive overview of the New Balance 327, ensuring you know everything there is to appreciate about this iconic sneaker. Join us as we explore the reasons behind the 327's popularity and what makes it a must-have in your sneaker collection.

New Balance 327 Review Key Takeouts

  1. Blending Heritage with Modernity: The New Balance 327 stands out for its unique blend of retro-inspired design with modern aesthetic elements. Its evolution pays homage to the brand's 1970s running shoes while catering to the contemporary sneaker enthusiast's tastes

  2. Distinctive Design and Aesthetics: With its oversized "N" logo, varied colorways, and bold silhouettes, the New Balance 327 captures attention and offers something for everyone, from minimalists to those who prefer vibrant, statement-making sneakers

  3. Unmatched Comfort and Versatility: The sneaker excels in providing all-day comfort, thanks to its breathable materials and supportive design. It's versatile enough for casual wear, light activities, and effortlessly complements a wide range of outfits

  4. Inclusive and Diverse Range: New Balance has ensured the 327 model is accessible to a broad audience, offering a wide range of sizes, colorways, and special editions. This inclusivity strengthens the sneaker's appeal across different demographics

  5. Value for Money: The 327 model offers excellent value, balancing quality, style, and pricing. It's a durable sneaker that doesn't compromise on aesthetics or performance, making it a worthy investment for casual and sneaker enthusiasts alike.

  6. Global Accessibility and Availability: With widespread availability online and in stores, the New Balance 327 is accessible to a global audience, ensuring fans worldwide can enjoy what this iconic sneaker has to offer.

  7. A Sneaker for Every Occasion: Whether you're seeking a comfortable daily wear option, a stylish addition to your sneaker collection, or a versatile shoe that can transition between casual and semi-formal looks, the New Balance 327 delivers on all fronts.

A comparison vs. the competition:

Sneaker Model




High: Sturdy materials and build quality ensure long-lasting wear.

Moderate: Designed for casual wear and light activities, not high-impact sports.

High: Offers a good balance between quality, style, and price.

High: Robust construction with quality materials.

High: Suitable for a range of activities, including sports.

Moderate: Generally priced higher, but reflects the brand's quality and tech.

Moderate to High: Depends on the model, but generally offers good durability.

High: Excellent cushioning and support for various activities.

Moderate: Can be pricey, but often justified by the sneaker's tech and comfort.

High: Known for its durable materials and craftsmanship.

High: Provides great support and comfort, suitable for running and daily wear.

High: Offers great value for the performance and comfort it delivers.

Moderate: Durable materials, but some models may show wear sooner.

Moderate: Fashion-focused but offers decent support and cushioning.

High: Often priced lower than competitors, offering good value for a lifestyle sneaker.

Moderate to High: Solid build quality, though materials may vary by model.

Moderate: Primarily designed for casual wear, with some support for light activities.

High: Excellent value for a classic design with good comfort.

High: Leather construction contributes to its longevity.

Moderate: More fashion-oriented but offers good everyday comfort.

High: Competitive pricing for a durable and stylish sneaker.


New Balance 327

Adidas Originals ZX

Nike Air Max

Asics Gel-Lyte

Puma RS-X

Saucony Jazz Original

Reebok Classic Leather


Nylon, suede, mesh

Mesh, leather, suede

Mesh, synthetic materials

Mesh, leather

Mesh, textile, rubber

Nylon, suede, mesh

Leather, synthetic materials


Lightweight EVA foam

EVA midsole, Torsion system

Air cushioning units

Gel technology cushioning

RS cushioning technology

EVA midsole

EVA midsole, foam cushioning

Intended Use

Casual wear, light activities

Casual wear, sports

Casual wear, sports

Casual wear, light running

Casual wear, lifestyle

Casual wear, light activities

Casual wear, lifestyle

Price Range










Lightweight to moderate






Arch Support


Moderate to high








Retro with modern tech

Modern, sporty

Retro, sporty

Bold, chunky

Classic, retro

Classic, lifestyle


Wide range

Wide range

Extensive variety

Wide variety

Wide range

Wide range

Wide range

Special Features

Oversized "N" logo, studded outsole

Torsion system for stability

Visible Air cushioning units

Gel cushioning for comfort

Bold silhouette, chunky design

Classic silhouette, comfortable fit

Timeless design, comfortable fit


Some models with recycled materials

Eco-friendly options available

Commitment to sustainability

Eco-friendly models available

Uses sustainable materials in some models

Eco-friendly models available

Uses recycled materials in select models

The Evolution of the New Balance 327

The New Balance 327 is not just a sneaker; it's a testament to the enduring legacy and continual innovation of New Balance as a brand, such as the New Balance Fresh Roam Range. Drawing inspiration from the 1970s, a pivotal era for running footwear, the 327 model pays homage to the classic designs of that time while incorporating modern twists that resonate with today's sneaker enthusiasts. This section delves into the history, inspiration, and design evolution that culminate in the creation of the New Balance 327, a sneaker that bridges the gap between past and present.

Historical Context and Inspiration

The design of the New Balance 327 is heavily influenced by the brand's archival models from the 1970s. This decade was significant for New Balance, marking its entry into the running shoe market with innovations that set new standards for comfort and performance. The 327 takes cues from models like the New Balance 320, one of the first shoes to feature the now-iconic "N" logo, and the New Balance 355, which introduced a more rugged outsole for off-road traction. By revisiting these foundational elements, the 327 offers a nostalgic nod to its predecessors while serving the aesthetic and functional demands of the modern wearer.

A Bridge Between Eras

What sets the New Balance 327 apart is its ability to seamlessly blend retro design elements with contemporary fashion sensibilities. The sneaker's silhouette is unmistakably vintage, with a sleek, elongated shape that echoes the running shoes of the 1970s. However, updates like the oversized N logo, extending from the midfoot to the heel, and the boldly lugged outsole, not only add to the shoe's visual appeal but also improve its functionality and durability.

The New Balance 327's design is a thoughtful balance of form and function. The upper combines lightweight, breathable materials with durable suede and leather overlays, offering both comfort and support. This combination of materials not only pays tribute to the mixed-media construction popular in the 1970s but also ensures that the sneaker meets the performance needs of today's active lifestyles.

Comparison with Previous Models

Compared to its predecessors, the New Balance 327 stands out for its audacious design and colorways. While maintaining the integrity and quality New Balance is known for, the 327 pushes the envelope in terms of aesthetic innovation. The array of available colorways, from the understated elegance of the New Balance 327 moonbeam and sea salt to the vibrant New Balance 327 blue and pink, showcases the brand's commitment to catering to diverse tastes and styles. Furthermore, collaborations with high-profile brands and designers have introduced limited edition models, such as the New Balance Casablanca 327, which blend luxury with sportswear, elevating the sneaker's status in the fashion world.

The evolution of the New Balance 327 is a celebration of the brand's heritage, a nod to the pioneers of running footwear, and a look forward to the future of sneaker design. It represents a harmonious fusion of past and present, offering a sneaker that is as much a piece of art as it is a functional piece of footwear. Whether you're drawn to its retro appeal or its modern enhancements, the New Balance 327 is a testament to New Balance's unwavering dedication to innovation, comfort, and style.

Design and Aesthetics

The New Balance 327 is a striking amalgamation of retro vibes and modern design, making it a standout piece in the sneaker world. This section explores the intricate design details and the aesthetic appeal of the 327 model, highlighting what makes it a must-have for sneaker lovers and fashion enthusiasts alike.

The Classic and Contemporary Blend

At first glance, the New Balance 327 captivates with its unique silhouette, which pays homage to the brand's 1970s heritage while propelling the design into the contemporary scene. The oversized, asymmetric "N" logo stretches over the side panels, serving as a bold declaration of brand identity and a nod to the sneaker's vintage roots. This design choice not only enhances the shoe's visual impact but also symbolizes New Balance's seamless transition from its historical legacy to its future aspirations.

The studded outsole of the 327 is another distinctive feature, extending up over the heel and the toe, providing not only a visually striking element but also practical traction and durability. This fusion of form and function exemplifies the New Balance design philosophy, ensuring that wearers do not have to compromise on style or performance.

Colorways and Collaborations

New Balance has not held back in offering a wide array of colorways for the 327 model, catering to an extensive range of preferences and styles. From the sleek and versatile New Balance 327 black and New Balance 327 all white to more vibrant options like the "New Balance 327 pink and white" and New Balance 327 green and white, there's a palette for every personality. The New Balance 327 sea salt with black and New Balance 327 moonbeam colorways, in particular, strike a perfect balance between understated elegance and contemporary flair, making them popular choices among sneakerheads

Special editions and collaborations have further elevated the New Balance 327's status in the sneaker community. The New Balance Casablanca 327 is a prime example, resulting from a partnership with the luxury fashion brand Casablanca. This collaboration introduced exquisite designs that blend Casablanca's Parisian aesthetic with New Balance's athletic heritage, offering collectors and fashion-forward individuals something truly unique and desirable.

The New Balance 327's design and aesthetic appeal are a testament to the brand's ability to innovate while respecting its rich history. By blending classic elements with contemporary design cues and embracing a wide spectrum of colorways and collaborations, the New Balance 327 has established itself as a versatile, stylish sneaker that appeals to a broad audience. Whether you're drawn to its vintage charm, its modern silhouette, or the sheer variety it offers, the New Balance 327 is a celebration of style, innovation, and heritage in the world of sneakers.

new balance 327 unisex

Comfort and Fit

One of the most critical aspects that sneaker enthusiasts and everyday wearers look for is the level of comfort and fit a shoe provides. The New Balance 327 is not only a visually appealing sneaker but also excels in offering an exceptional wearing experience. This section delves into the comfort, fit, and material quality of the New Balance 327, underscoring why it's become a favored choice for all-day wear.

Wearing Experience

The New Balance 327 is engineered to provide a comfortable fit right out of the box, catering to a wide range of foot shapes and sizes. The design incorporates a lightweight and breathable upper, combining nylon, suede, and mesh materials to ensure both durability and air circulation. This thoughtful material mix not only enhances the shoe's aesthetic appeal but also contributes to its overall comfort, making the 327 ideal for prolonged wear, whether you're navigating the urban landscape or enjoying a casual day out.

Size and fit are paramount when selecting the perfect sneaker, and the New Balance 327 addresses this with a design that accommodates a broad spectrum of wearers. Available in sizes for New Balance 327 men and Women's New Balance 327, including half sizes like New Balance 327 women 7.5, the shoe offers a snug, true-to-size fit. The slightly elongated toe and wide base provide ample room, ensuring comfort without compromising on style.

Material Quality

The New Balance 327's commitment to quality is evident in its choice of materials. The use of premium suede and leather in select models, such as the New Balance 327 suede and New Balance 327 leather, adds a layer of sophistication and durability. These materials age gracefully, adapting to the wearer's foot over time and ensuring the sneaker's longevity.

For those who prioritize eco-friendliness alongside style and comfort, the New Balance 327 also features variants made with recycled materials, showcasing the brand's ongoing efforts to reduce its environmental footprint. This approach not only appeals to environmentally conscious consumers but also speaks to the quality and innovation that New Balance brings to its footwear designs.

Performance and Versatility

While the New Balance 327 is not marketed as a high-performance athletic shoe, its design incorporates features that support light sports activities and everyday adventures. The grippy, lugged outsole offers reliable traction on various surfaces, making the 327 suitable for light jogging, urban exploration, and casual sporting activities. This versatility extends to the sneaker's style potential, as the 327 effortlessly pairs with a wide range of outfits, from sporty casual to more polished looks.

The New Balance 327's blend of comfort, fit, and material quality sets it apart as a sneaker that doesn't just look good but feels good too. Whether you're on the move or simply enjoying a leisurely day, the 327 provides the support, breathability, and style you need. With its thoughtful design catering to both men and women, the New Balance 327 stands as a testament to New Balance's commitment to delivering footwear that combines performance with everyday comfort and versatility.

Range and Accessibility

The New Balance 327's appeal is not just limited to its aesthetic or comfort but also in the wide range it offers, ensuring there's a perfect match for every sneaker enthusiast. This inclusivity and accessibility are what make the 327 model a standout choice, embodying New Balance's dedication to catering to a diverse audience. Let's explore the variety and availability of the New Balance 327, highlighting its reach across different demographics and the ease with which these sneakers can be purchased.

Variety for Everyone

New Balance has meticulously crafted the 327 collection to include an extensive range of colorways, materials, and collaborations, ensuring that there's something for every taste and preference. From the minimalist New Balance 327 black mens and white New Balance 327 women to the vibrant New Balance 327 pink and white and New Balance 327 green and white, the spectrum of options is broad. The New Balance 327 sea salt with black and New Balance 327 moonbeam offer subtler hues for those who prefer understated elegance.

The inclusivity extends beyond colorways to cater to men, women, and children, with specific models like Women's New Balance 327 and New Balance junior 327 ensuring a tailored fit for all foot sizes and shapes. Special editions like New Balance 327 limited edition and high-profile collaborations, such as New Balance Casablanca 327, add a collectible element for sneaker aficionados looking for unique and exclusive designs.

Price and Availability

New Balance has positioned the 327 model as a premium yet accessible sneaker, with pricing that reflects its quality and design innovation without being prohibitively expensive. The availability of New Balance 327 sale womens and New Balance 327 black Friday deals further ensures that budget-conscious buyers can also enjoy this blend of style and comfort.

Purchasing the New Balance 327 has been made easy through multiple channels. Buyers can find these sneakers at New Balance's official online store, physical retail locations, and authorized retailers like Foot Locker New Balance 327. Online marketplaces and specialty sneaker stores often stock limited editions and exclusive colorways, such as New Balance 327 off white and green and New Balance 327 oak leaf green, catering to those looking for something out of the ordinary.

The New Balance 327 series exemplifies the brand's effort to combine style, comfort, and inclusivity in one package. With a variety that caters to all demographics, competitive pricing, and widespread availability, the New Balance 327 ensures that sneaker lovers everywhere have the opportunity to enjoy this modern classic. Whether you're seeking the perfect everyday shoe, a unique addition to your sneaker collection, or a comfortable and stylish option for the whole family, the New Balance 327 delivers on all fronts, maintaining its status as a beloved icon in the sneaker world.

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New Balance 327 FAQs

In this section, we address some of the most common questions about the New Balance 327 to help potential buyers and sneaker enthusiasts make informed decisions. From styling tips to care instructions, these FAQs cover a broad range of topics related to the 327 model.

What makes the New Balance 327 stand out from other sneakers?

The New Balance 327 stands out due to its unique blend of retro design inspired by 1970s running shoes and modern aesthetics. Its oversized "N" logo, bold colorways, and distinctive, grippy outsole set it apart in style and functionality.

How does the sizing of the New Balance 327 compare to other New Balance shoes?

The New Balance 327 generally runs true to size, offering a comfortable fit that's consistent with the brand's sizing standards. It's advisable to order your usual size for the best fit.

Can the New Balance 327 be used for running or sports?

While designed with inspiration from running shoes, the New Balance 327 is best suited for casual wear and light activities. Its sole provides good traction, but for serious running or sports, a model designed specifically for those activities is recommended.

What are some of the most popular colorways of the New Balance 327?

Popular colorways include the "New Balance 327 black," "New Balance 327 sea salt with black," "New Balance 327 moonbeam," and the vibrant collaboration models like "New Balance Casablanca 327."

How do I clean and maintain my New Balance 327 sneakers?

To clean your 327s, remove excess dirt with a brush, then use a mild detergent mixed with water to gently clean the shoes with a soft cloth. Avoid machine washing and let them air dry.

Are there any limited edition New Balance 327s, and how can I get them?

Yes, there are limited edition models like the "New Balance Casablanca 327." These can be found through New Balance's official website, select retailers, and sometimes through online raffles.

What materials are the New Balance 327 made from?

The New Balance 327 features a mix of materials, including nylon, suede, and mesh, depending on the colorway. Some special editions may incorporate unique materials or finishes.

Is the New Balance 327 suitable for all-day wear?

Absolutely. The 327 is designed for comfort, with a supportive sole and breathable upper materials, making it suitable for all-day wear.

How does the New Balance 327 fit into current fashion trends?

The New Balance 327 fits perfectly into current fashion trends with its retro-inspired design and wide range of colorways. It's versatile enough to pair with everything from casual sportswear to more tailored outfits.

Where is the best place to buy the New Balance 327?

The best place to buy the New Balance 327 is through New Balance's official website, authorized retailers, and reputable sneaker stores. For exclusive releases, be sure to check specific launch details and retailer lists.


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