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Nike Pegasus 39 Review

Introduction to the Nike Pegasus 39

white pegasus 39

Welcome to our in-depth review of the Nike Pegasus 39, a shoe that has rapidly gained a reputation as a go-to choice for runners of all levels. Whether you're a seasoned marathoner or just starting your fitness journey, the Pegasus 39 promises to bring a new level of comfort and performance to your runs. In this review, we'll dive deep into what makes the Nike Pegasus 39 stand out in the crowded field of running shoes.

The Nike Pegasus line has long been celebrated for its reliability and versatility, and the latest iteration, the Pegasus 39, continues this legacy with several innovative updates. From its sleek design to its advanced cushioning technology, this shoe is crafted to enhance your running experience, making every step feel lighter and more responsive.

As we explore the Nike Pegasus 39, we'll uncover the features that contribute to its exceptional performance. We'll also provide insights into how it compares to its predecessors and competitors, ensuring you have all the information you need to understand why this shoe is a top choice for "runners" worldwide.

Stay tuned as we delve into the specifics of the Nike Pegasus 39, examining everything from its design and comfort to its durability and price. Whether you're gearing up for a race or looking for a reliable daily trainer, the Nike Pegasus 39 might just be the perfect fit for your fitness needs. Let's get started!

Review Key Takeouts of the Nike Pegasus 39

black white Nike Pegasus 39

The Nike Pegasus 39 has several key features that make it a standout choice for runners. Here are the major takeaways from our review:

  • Enhanced Comfort and Fit: The Pegasus 39 introduces an improved fit that caters to a wide range of foot shapes, ensuring comfort even during long runs. The shoe's cushioning is fine-tuned to provide a plush, yet responsive feel underfoot.

  • Breathability and Lightweight Design: With a redesigned upper made from a breathable mesh material, the Pegasus 39 offers excellent ventilation, keeping your feet cool and dry. This, combined with its lightweight construction, makes for an effortless running experience.

  • Improved Traction and Durability: The outsole of the Pegasus 39 features a durable rubber with a pattern designed for superior traction. This makes the shoe versatile for various terrains, from track to trail.

  • Versatility for Different Running Styles and Surfaces: Whether you're into sprinting, long-distance running, or casual jogging, the Pegasus 39 adapts to your style. It's also well-suited for different surfaces, providing consistent performance on the road, track, or light trails.

  • Aesthetic Appeal: Beyond functionality, the Pegasus 39 scores high on style with its sleek, modern design. It's available in various colorways to suit different personal preferences.

  • Technological Advancements: Incorporating the latest in Nike's shoe technology, the Pegasus 39 offers advancements such as improved ZoomX foam cushioning and a more supportive midfoot band, enhancing overall performance.

These key takeouts highlight the Nike Pegasus 39's commitment to providing a high-quality running experience. Its combination of comfort, durability, and versatility makes it a top contender in the running shoe market and a worthy investment for runners seeking to elevate their performance.

Exercise Relevance and Use Cases for the Nike Pegasus 39

Pink White Nike Pegasus 39

The Nike Pegasus 39 is not just a shoe; it's a versatile tool designed to boost your fitness regime across various activities. Here's how it stands out in different exercise scenarios and some ideas for use cases to enhance your fitness routine:

Ideal for Long-Distance Running

  • Marathon Training: The Pegasus 39's cushioning is perfect for the high mileage involved in marathon training, providing comfort and reducing fatigue over long distances.

  • Ultra-Marathons: Its durability and comfort make it suitable for ultra-marathon runners who require a reliable shoe for extreme distances.

Perfect for Jogging and Sprinting

  • Daily Jogging: The shoe's lightweight design and responsive cushioning make it ideal for daily joggers seeking comfort and performance.

  • Speed Workouts: The Pegasus 39's responsive cushioning and stability are great for sprinting and interval training, helping to improve speed and performance.

Suitable for Gym Workouts and Cross-Training

  • Gym Sessions: Its stable base and cushioning are beneficial for gym workouts, including treadmill running and light weight-training.

  • Cross-Training: The Pegasus 39 provides the necessary support and flexibility for various cross-training activities, making it a versatile choice for athletes who engage in multiple types of workouts.

Use Cases to Boost Fitness

  • Treadmill Workouts: The shoe’s cushioning system absorbs impact efficiently, making it comfortable for indoor running.

  • Trail Running: While primarily designed for road running, its traction and durability also make it suitable for light trail running.

  • Fitness Challenges: Whether it's a 30-day running challenge or a high-intensity interval training (HIIT) program, the Pegasus 39 is equipped to handle diverse fitness challenges.

The Nike Pegasus 39's adaptability to various exercises and its ability to enhance performance in different scenarios make it a top choice for fitness enthusiasts. Whether you're hitting the pavement, the gym, or the trails, this shoe is designed to support and improve your fitness journey.

Pros and Cons of the Nike Pegasus 39

Nike Pegasus 39 Slate White

When considering the Nike Pegasus 39, it's important to weigh its advantages and potential drawbacks. Here's a detailed table outlining the pros and cons of this popular running shoe:



Enhanced Cushioning: The Pegasus 39 features Nike's innovative ZoomX foam, offering superior comfort and energy return with each stride.

Slightly Higher Price Point: Compared to some other models in the same category, the Pegasus 39 may be a bit more expensive, which could be a consideration for budget-conscious buyers.

Improved Stability: The shoe provides excellent stability, making it a great choice for runners who need extra support.

Limited Color Options: While the design is sleek, some users might find the color choices limited compared to other models.

Lightweight Design: The Pegasus 39 is designed to be light, enhancing speed and reducing foot fatigue during long runs.

May Not Suit Very Wide Feet: Runners with exceptionally wide feet might find the fit a bit snug.

Versatility for Different Terrains: Its durable outsole and versatile design make it suitable for various running terrains, from roads to light trails.

Stylish Aesthetic: The Pegasus 39 scores high on style with its modern and sleek look, appealing to fashion-conscious athletes.


The Nike Pegasus 39 stands out for its exceptional cushioning, stability, and lightweight design, making it a versatile choice for various running terrains and styles. While it does come at a slightly higher price and with limited color options, its performance and aesthetic appeal make it a worthwhile investment for serious runners and fitness enthusiasts. The potential issue with fit for very wide feet is something to consider, but overall, the Pegasus 39 is a strong contender in the performance running shoe market.

Fitness Litness Score for the Nike Pegasus 39

To provide a comprehensive evaluation of the Nike Pegasus 39, we've applied a "Fitness Litness" score. This score assesses the shoe across four key criteria: stability, performance, comfort, and price. Each criterion is rated on a scale from 1 to 10, with 10 indicating the highest level of satisfaction. This scoring system helps to quantify the shoe's capabilities and value in the context of fitness and running.

Fitness Litness Score Table


Score (1-10)




The Pegasus 39 offers excellent stability, making it suitable for runners who require additional support, especially during long runs.



With its lightweight design and responsive cushioning, the shoe excels in performance, aiding runners in achieving better speed and endurance.



The use of ZoomX foam and a well-designed upper ensures top-notch comfort, making it ideal for both short sprints and long-distance runs.



While slightly higher in price compared to some competitors, the quality and features justify the investment, offering good value for money.

Overall Impression

The Nike Pegasus 39 scores highly in stability, performance, and comfort, making it a top choice for a wide range of runners. Its slightly higher price point is offset by the quality and advanced features it offers. This shoe is particularly notable for its exceptional comfort, earning a perfect score in this category. Whether for casual jogging, competitive racing, or cross-training, the Pegasus 39 stands out as a versatile and high-performing running shoe. The overall Fitness Litness score reflects its position as a premium option in the running shoe market, suitable for both amateur enthusiasts and seasoned athletes.

Competitor Comparison: Nike Pegasus 39 vs. Other Leading Running Shoes

In this section, we compare the Nike Pegasus 39 with five real competitors in the market. Each shoe is evaluated against the same criteria used for the Pegasus 39: stability, performance, comfort, and price. The scores for each criterion are out of 10, and the total score is presented as a percentage to provide a clear comparison.

Competitor Comparison Table


Nike Pegasus 39

Adidas Ultraboost 21

Brooks Ghost 14

Asics Gel-Nimbus 23

Saucony Ride 14

Hoka One One Clifton 8





























Total Score








  • Nike Pegasus 39: With an overall score of 85%, the Pegasus 39 leads in comfort and performs exceptionally well in performance and stability. Its price score is competitive, reflecting its value for money.

  • Adidas Ultraboost 21: Scoring 75%, the Ultraboost 21 is a strong competitor, especially in comfort and performance. However, it falls slightly short in stability and has a lower score in price, reflecting a higher cost.

  • Brooks Ghost 14: The Ghost 14 scores 80%, excelling in stability. It offers balanced performance and comfort, with a price score on par with the Pegasus 39.

  • Asics Gel-Nimbus 23: With a score of 78%, the Gel-Nimbus 23 is noted for its comfort and stability. Its performance score is slightly lower, and the price is comparable to the Pegasus 39.

  • Saucony Ride 14: Also scoring 78%, the Ride 14 offers good stability and comfort. It scores higher in price, indicating better affordability.

  • Hoka One One Clifton 8: Matching the Brooks Ghost 14 with an 80% score, the Clifton 8 stands out in comfort and performance. Its stability score is the lowest among the competitors, but it maintains a competitive price score.


The Nike Pegasus 39 emerges as a leader in this comparison, particularly in terms of comfort and overall performance. While it's priced similarly to most of its competitors, it offers superior features that justify its cost. Each competitor has its strengths, and the choice ultimately depends on the runner's specific needs and preferences. However, the Pegasus 39's high overall score demonstrates its versatility and appeal in the competitive running shoe market.

Product Specifications and Benefits of the Nike Pegasus 39

To provide a clearer understanding of what the Nike Pegasus 39 offers, let's break down its key specifications and explain how each aspect benefits the runner. This detailed analysis will help you appreciate the technical advancements and design considerations that go into making this shoe a top choice for runners.

Product Specifications and Benefits Table



Benefit for the Runner


Approximately 10.2 oz (289 g) for a men's size 10

The lightweight design reduces foot fatigue, making it easier to maintain speed and endurance during runs.


Nike ZoomX foam

Provides exceptional energy return and comfort, reducing impact stress on joints and muscles.

Upper Material

Engineered mesh with more perforations

Enhances breathability, keeping feet cool and dry, and offers a comfortable, sock-like fit.


High-abrasion rubber with waffle pattern

Offers durable traction on various surfaces, increasing the shoe's versatility for different running environments.


Full-length Nike React foam

Delivers a smooth, responsive ride, balancing cushioning and stability.

Heel Collar

Tapered design

Improves the fit around the ankle, adding comfort and reducing the risk of blisters.

Lacing System

Traditional with additional eyelets

Allows for a customizable fit, ensuring the shoe securely wraps around the foot.

Reflective Elements

Strategically placed on the heel

Increases visibility during low-light conditions, enhancing safety for early morning or evening runs.


The Nike Pegasus 39 is engineered to meet the demands of various runners, from casual joggers to serious marathoners. Its lightweight design, combined with advanced cushioning technologies, offers a comfortable and responsive running experience. The breathable upper and durable outsole make it suitable for different climates and terrains. These specifications translate into tangible benefits for the runner, emphasizing the Pegasus 39's commitment to performance, comfort, and versatility. Whether you're looking to improve your personal best or simply enjoy a comfortable run, the Nike Pegasus 39 is equipped to meet your needs.

Nike Pegasus 38 vs. 39: A Comparative Analysis

When considering an upgrade or a new purchase, it's essential to understand how the latest model, the Nike Pegasus 39, compares to its predecessor, the Nike Pegasus 38. This comparison will highlight the improvements and changes made in the new version, helping you decide whether the Pegasus 39 is the right choice for your running needs.

Nike Pegasus 38 vs. 39 Comparison Table


Nike Pegasus 38

Nike Pegasus 39

Improvements in Pegasus 39


Slightly heavier


Reduced weight for better performance and comfort


Nike React foam

Nike ZoomX foam

Enhanced energy return and comfort

Upper Material

Less breathable mesh

More breathable engineered mesh

Improved ventilation and fit


Similar durable rubber

Similar with slight tweaks

Enhanced traction and durability


Nike React foam

Combination of Nike React and ZoomX foam

Better balance of cushioning and responsiveness


Standard fit

Improved fit with more room in the toe box

Enhanced comfort, especially for longer runs


Traditional design

Sleeker, more modern design

More appealing look


Generally lower

Slightly higher

Reflects the technological advancements


The Nike Pegasus 39 presents several key improvements over the Pegasus 38. The most notable upgrade is the introduction of Nike ZoomX foam, which offers superior cushioning and energy return, making the shoe more comfortable and responsive. The upper material has also been enhanced for better breathability and fit, addressing some of the feedback from users of the Pegasus 38.

While the Pegasus 39 is slightly more expensive, these advancements justify the price difference, especially for runners who prioritize comfort and performance. The weight reduction, combined with the updated midsole and improved aesthetics, makes the Pegasus 39 a worthy successor to the Pegasus 38 and a compelling choice for both new buyers and those looking to upgrade from the previous model.

FAQ and Answers for the Nike Pegasus 39

Here are some frequently asked questions about the Nike Pegasus 39, along with detailed answers to help you get a better understanding of what this shoe has to offer.

1. Is the Nike Pegasus 39 suitable for marathon training?

  • A: Absolutely. The Pegasus 39's cushioning and durability make it an excellent choice for the high mileage involved in marathon training.

2. Can I use the Pegasus 39 for trail running?

  • A: While it's primarily designed for road running, its durable outsole can handle light trail running as well.

3. How does the Pegasus 39 fit compared to previous models?

  • A: The Pegasus 39 offers a slightly more roomy toe box and an overall improved fit, making it comfortable for a wider range of foot shapes.

4. Are there significant differences between the men’s and women’s versions?

  • A: The primary differences are in sizing and color options. The design and technical features remain consistent across both versions.

5. How does the ZoomX foam in the Pegasus 39 enhance performance?

  • A: ZoomX foam provides exceptional energy return and cushioning, which helps in reducing fatigue and improving running efficiency.

6. Is the Nike Pegasus 39 good for speed training?

  • A: Yes, its lightweight design and responsive cushioning make it suitable for speed workouts and interval training.

7. How durable is the Pegasus 39?

  • A: The Pegasus 39 is designed with durability in mind, featuring a high-abrasion rubber outsole that withstands wear and tear from regular use.

8. What type of arch support does the Pegasus 39 offer?

  • A: It provides moderate arch support, catering to a wide range of runners, but may not be sufficient for those with specific orthotic needs.

9. Can the Pegasus 39 be used for walking or casual wear?

  • A: Yes, its comfortable cushioning and stylish design make it a great option for everyday walking or casual wear.

These FAQs cover a range of topics that potential buyers and users of the Nike Pegasus 39 might be curious about. From its suitability for different types of running to its design specifics, these answers aim to provide a comprehensive understanding of the shoe's capabilities and features.


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